Friday, April 16, 2010

saat pena mula bicara...3

In this time,

the moment that sleep,

Upon hundred of people who awake

in the flow of time

we try to define

the meaning of this life

the things that not been done

always hunting us back

back to where our memory line

draw in an illusion of our self

despite the illusion is not real

nor it not exits

We live in this world

full of lies and sorrow

the strengh that everyone need to find

the search without an end

although it just right there

in front of everyone eyes

mistake and misery

make this life empty

just like a child

in this far fairy land

without no experience

and no virtue

of something that might come true

we se as clear as the sky

the green is not always there

in the place where it belong

so hold thigh and don't let go

couse i be there whereever u may go..

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