Tuesday, June 18, 2013

permanent ink.

not always.
love hurt.
endure it.
not static.
if love denied u.
keep searching.
until u find

p/s : mode mAlas menjadi2.1 more sem to endure.really??


Being human.sometimes miserable. but sometimes this world just can be the most beautiful place view.
through eyes that cannot see. through mind that cannot be unbind. its difficult when we try to focus on our misfortune than our lucky star. for me, all the memory we live in is a piece of colourful art, where it is not complete unless it is full, nor people says that white is a form of art. the journey, sometimes we miss a lot of thing. the fight, the anger, that what make us human. some mistake i make, some wrong turn i take, not to be remember, but to be set as precaution to my action. the sweet memory does last forever, and the consequence of the act will hunt me forever, but im not afraid to say...that what make a whole for MOHD SAHREL BIN MOHD AROF. the false and truth...whats ugly and whats not.just complete me. maybe the whole picture is not completely drawn yet, but i know one thing, i will always remember, because for u my friends, i not want u to forget...everything. because memory is what makes life a living paradise.