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besday~~~22 daa..haha

August 7th Famous People Birthdates
List of Famous People Birthdate:
Historical Personalities born on August 7th
Constantius IIRoman emperor, 0317, Italy
Edgar the PeacefulKing of England, 0943, United Kingdom(UK)
Elizabeth of RhuddlanThe eighth daughter of Edward I of England and Eleanor of Castile, 1282, United Kingdom(UK)
Alonso de Ercilla y ZunigaSpanish nobleman, soldier and poet, 1533, Spain
Elizabeth BathoryHungarian countess and serial killer, 1560, Hungary
Robert Dudley (explorer)English writer, 1574, United Kingdom(UK)
Georg StiernhielmSwedish poet, 1598, Sweden
James BowdoinAmerican Revolutionary leader and politician, 1726, United States(USA)
Duchess Maria Anna Josepha of BavariaDuchess of Bavaria, 1734, Germany
Nathanael GreeneAmerican Revolutionary general, 1742, United States(USA)
Wilhelmina of PrussiaThe daughter of Augustus William, Prince of Prussia and Louise Amalie of Brunswick-Luneburg, 1751, Germany
Louis de FreycinetFrench explorer, 1779, France
Carl RitterGerman geographer, 1779, Germany
Princess AmeliaPrincess of the United Kingdom, 1783, United Kingdom(UK)
Auguste Michel-LevyFrench geologist, 1844, France
Alan LeoBritish astrologer, 1860, United Kingdom(UK)
Victoria of BadenQueen Victoria of Sweden, 1862, Germany
Emil NoldeGerman painter, 1867, Germany
Ladislaus BortkiewiczRussian mathematician, 1868, Russia
Abanindranath TagorePrincipal artist of the Bengal school and the first major exponent of swadeshi values in Indian art, 1871, India
Mata HariDutch spy, 1876, Netherlands
Ulrich SalchowSwedish figure skater, 1877, Sweden
Johannes KotzeSouth African cricketer, 1879, South Africa
Francois DarlanFrench naval officer, 1881, France
Billie BurkeAmerican actress, 1884, United States(USA)
Ann HardingAmerican actress, 1901, United States(USA)
Louis LeakeyBritish archaeologist, 1903, United Kingdom(UK)
Ralph BuncheAmerican diplomat, Nobel Prize Laureate, 1903, United States(USA)
Nelson GoodmanAmerican philosopher, 1906, United States(USA)
Albert KotinAmerican abstract painter, 1907, United States(USA)
Nicholas RayAmerican director and scenarist, 1911, United States(USA)
George Van EpsAmerican guitarist, 1913, United States(USA)
Kermit LoveAmerican puppeteer, costume designer and actor in childrens television, 1916, United States(USA)
John CornforthAustralian scientist, 1917, Australia
Gordon ZahnAmerican sociologist, pacifist, professor and author, 1918, United States(USA)
Edouard KlabinskiProfessional racing cyclist, 1920, Poland
Manitas de PlataGypsy guitarist, 1921, France
M. S. SwaminathanIndian scientist, 1925, India
Felice BryantAmerican country songwriter and singer, 1925, United States(USA)
Stan FrebergAmerican voice comedian, 1926, United States(USA)
Edwin W. EdwardsAmerican politician, 1927, United States(USA)
Art HouttemanAmerican baseball player, 1927, United States(USA)
Carl SwitzerAmerican child actor, 1927, United States(USA)
George BusbeeAmerican politician, 77th Governor of the U.S. state of Georgia, 1927, United States(USA)
Romeo MullerAmerican screenwriter, 1928, United States(USA)
James RandiCanadian magician, 1928, Canada
Don LarsenFormer Major League Baseball pitcher, 1929, United States(USA)
Charles E. RiceAmerican legal scholar, Catholic apologist and author of several books, 1931, United States(USA)
Abebe BikilaTwo time Olympic marathon champion, 1932, Ethiopia
Edward HardwickeEnglish actor, 1932, United Kingdom(UK)
Maurice Rabb, Jr.African-American ophthalmologist, 1932, United States(USA)
Eddie FirmaniRetired South African football player and manager, 1933, South Africa
Rahsaan Roland KirkAmerican jazz multi-instrumentalist, 1935, United States(USA)
James O. PageRecognized as a leading authority on United States emergency medical services (EMS), 1936, United States(USA)
Don Wilson (cricketer)Former English cricketer, 1937, United Kingdom(UK)
Anjanette ComerAmerican actress, 1939, United States(USA)
Ron HoldenAmerican pop singer, 1939, United States(USA)
Jean-Luc DehaeneBelgian politician, 1940, Belgium
Tobin BellAmerican film and television actor, 1942, United States(USA)
Garrison KeillorAmerican author, storyteller, humorist and radio personality, 1942, United States(USA)
Carlos MonzonArgentine professional boxer, 1942, Argentina
B. J. ThomasAmerican popular singer, 1942, United States(USA)
Caetano VelosoComposer, singer, guitarist, writer and political activist, 1942, Brazil
Alain CorneauFrench film director and writer, 1943, France
John Glover (actor)American actor, 1944, United States(USA)
Robert Mueller12th Director of the Federal, 1944, United States(USA)
David RascheAmerican actor, 1944, United States(USA)
Alan PageJurist and former professional American football player, 1945, United States(USA)
Ed SeykotaCommodities trader, 1946, United States(USA)
Franciscus HenriInternationally known musician and childrens entertainer, 1947, Netherlands
Marty AppelAmerican public relations executive and author, 1948, United States(USA)
Greg ChappellFormer cricketer, 1948, Australia
Walid JumblattLeader of the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP), 1949, Lebanon
Alan KeyesAmerican conservative political activist, author, former diplomat and perennial candidate, 1950, United States(USA)
Alexei SayleEnglish stand-up comedian, actor and author, 1952, United Kingdom(UK)
Anne FadimanAmerican author, editor and teacher, 1953, United States(USA)
Jonathan PollardFormer civilian intelligence analyst, 1954, United States(USA)
Wayne KnightAmerican actor, 1955, United States(USA)
Greg Nickels51st mayor of Seattle, 1955, United States(USA)
Vladimir SorokinRussian writer and dramatist, 1955, Russia
Gregoris ValtinosGreek television and stage actor, 1955, Greece
Alexander DityatinRussian gymnast, 1957, Russia
Bruce DickinsonEnglish singer, airline pilot, fencer, broadcaster, author, director, screenwriter, actor, marketing director, entrepreneur and songwriter, 1958, United Kingdom(UK)
Alberto SalazarAmerican marathon runner, 1958, United States(USA)
Ali ShahFormer Zimbabwean cricketer, 1959, Zimbabwe
David DuchovnyAmerican actor, writer and director, 1960, United States(USA)
Jacquie O SullivanSinger and songwriter, 1960, United Kingdom(UK)
Yelena DavydovaRussian gymnast, 1961, Russia
Bruno PelletierFrancophone Quebecer singer, 1962, Canada
Patrick Bouvier KennedySon of U.S. President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, 1963, United States(USA)
Harold PerrineauAmerican actor, 1963, United States(USA)
John BirminghamAustralian author, 1964, Australia
Michael WeishanAmerican TV host, 1964, United States(USA)
Karl ChircopDoctor and practiced as a family doctor and a Maltese politician, 1965, Malta
Kristin HershAmerican singer, songwriter, 1966, United States(USA)
Jimmy WalesAmerican Internet entrepreneur and a co-founder and promoter of Wikipedia, 1966, United States(USA)
vJason GrimsleyFormer Major League Baseball relief pitcher, 1967, United States(USA)
Lynn Straitlead singer and lyricist, 1968, United States(USA)
Chico BenymonAmerican actor, singer, musician and fashion designer, 1969, United States(USA)
Domino HarveyEnglish bounty hunter, 1969, United Kingdom(UK)
Eric NamesnikOlympic swimmer, 1970, United States(USA)
Dominic CorkEnglish cricketer, 1971, United Kingdom(UK)
Sydney PennyAmerican Daytime Emmy nominated actress, 1971, United States(USA)
Rachel YorkAmerican actress and singer, 1971, United States(USA)
Greg SeranoAmerican actor, 1972, United States(USA)
Danny GravesFormer Major League Baseball pitcher, 1973, United States(USA)
Kevin MuscatAustralian football player, 1973, Australia
Zane LoweRadio DJ and television presenter, 1973, New Zealand
Sek LosoThai Singer, 1974, Thailand
Michael Shannon (actor)American stage and film actor, 1974, United States(USA)
Andrejs StolcersProfessional football player, 1974, Russia
Koray CandemirTurkish musician, songwriter and record producer, 1975, Turkey
David HicksAustralian alleged terrorist, 1975, Australia
Charlize TheronSouth African actress, film producer and former fashion model, 1975, South Africa
Edgar RenteriaColombian baseball player, 1975, Colombia
GaahlNorwegian vocalist, 1975, Norway
Hans MathesonScottish born actor, 1975, United Kingdom(UK)
Dimitrios EleftheropoulosGreek goalkeeper, 1976, Greece
Shane LechlerAmerican football punter, 1976, United States(USA)
Charlotte RonsonEnglish fashion designer, 1977, United Kingdom(UK)
Samantha RonsonEnglish singer, songwriter, 1977, United Kingdom(UK)
Jamey JastaAmerican musician, 1977, United States(USA)
Alexandre AjaFrench film director, 1978, France
Cirroc LoftonAmerican actor, 1978, United States(USA)
Vanness WuTaiwanese American actor, 1978, United States(USA)
Shirley YeungHong Kong actress, 1978, Hong Kong
Eric Johnson (actor)Canadian actor, 1979, Canada
Anomie BelleAmerican musician, 1980, United States(USA)
Aurelie ClaudelFrench model, 1980, France
Yana KlochkovaUkrainian swimmer, 1982, Ukraine
Marco MelandriMotoGP road racer, 1982, Italy
Vassilis SpanoulisGreek professional basketball player, 1982, Greece
Marquise HillAmerican football defensive end, 1982, United States(USA)
Christian ChavezSinger and actor, 1983, Mexico
Tina O BrienEnglish actress, 1983, United Kingdom(UK)
Andriy HryvkoUkrainian racing cyclist, 1983, Ukraine
Stratos PerperoglouGreek professional basketball player, 1984, Greece
Paul BiedermannGerman swimmer, 1986, Germany
Nancy SumariTanzanian Beauty Queen and Model (Miss World 2005, 1986, Tanzania
Sidney CrosbyCanadian professional ice hockey player and captain, 1987, Canada
Melody OliveriaAmerican internet blogger, 1988, United States(USA)
Beanie WellsAmerican football running back, 1988, United States(USA)
Helen FlanaganBritish actress, 1990, United Kingdom(UK)
Zaur SizoRussian professional football player, 1993, Russia
Tessa AllenAmerican teen actress, 1996, United States(USA)

senarai orang yang sama bday ngan aku..7 ogos..hahahahaha

xde pe nak post pon..hehe...

nota kaki : bahagia duk umah gemokkan badan.

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